Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns

We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments such as veneers, crowns, bridges, implants and tooth whitening to help create a beautiful, confident and healthy smile. Our dentals practices provide free consultations to chat about your dental concerns and advise on the best treatment available to transform your smile.

Cosmetic treatments are available for an array of common problems including discoloured, gapped, chipped or missing teeth that can be dramatically improved and our dental experts use the latest technologies and techniques to offer you a comfortable and beautiful solution for all your cosmetic dental requirements.


In the case of tooth substance loss, wear or fracture of a tooth, your dentist may recommend a crown. A crown restores the form, function and aesthetics of a tooth. Your dentist will carefully prepare the remaining tooth to a retentive form and take an impression which will be sent to our technicians. A temporary crown will be made and fitted over the prepared tooth to protect it until your crown is back from the laboratory. There are many different kinds of materials that your crown can be constructed of.

Gold/silver shell crowns – The crowns are made from metal (precious metal is gold-coloured, and non-precious metal is silver-coloured). These are strong, functional crowns, but due to their colour, they are restricted to the back of the mouth.

Porcelain Bonded crowns – These crowns have a metal substructure (usually non-precious metal) for strength, onto which porcelain is layered and fused giving an aesthetic surface layer which is visible in the mouth. These crowns are popular and they function well. However, in time, gum recession can lead to small black lines appearing at the gum line showing the metal underneath the porcelain.

Zirconia and metal free crowns – These crowns are the best available in terms of material and technology. They are extremely close fitting and strong. They are the most aesthetic crowns available meaning that your restored tooth looks as natural as possible.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns


When a tooth/teeth are lost in the mouth, one of the ways of replacing it is to restore the space(s) using bridgework. This involves the teeth (or tooth) adjacent to the space being used to support a bridge. The adjacent teeth must be healthy enough to retain a bridge and for the bridge to function properly. The restoration is cemented or bonded into place and therefore ‘bridges’ the gap. Just like crowns, bridges can come in a variety of materials, and also different kinds depending on function, strength and aesthetics. They can restore single or multiple tooth spaces.

Adhesive bridges (also known as Maryland bridges) – The artificial teeth have attached wings that are bonded on to the supporting teeth to hold the bridge in place. These bridges require little preparation of the supporting teeth, but may de-bond in extremes of function, therefore are generally used at the front of the mouth. The wings can be metal or can be made from materials such as porcelain or zirconia.

Conventional bridges – This kind of bridge requires a lot more preparation of the supporting teeth, as they need to be crowned and the crowns are fused with an artificial tooth to form a bridge. They are very strong in function, although do require strong supporting teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns


A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the surface of a tooth. They can improve the colour, shape and position of your teeth. They can also be used to close small gaps where orthodontic treatment may be unavailable, unwanted or bringing a tooth slightly out of position into line with the others.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns


Sometimes, due to the extent of decay or tooth tissue loss, a simple filling may not suffice. Your dentist can offer you an inlay or an onlay. These restore the form and function of a tooth. Inlays/onlays require an impression of the cavity, which is sent to our laboratory and is constructed from a composite resin, porcelain, dental gold or silver materials.  It is then cemented into the patient’s tooth to fill the cavity, giving a stronger restoration.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns

Dental Implant

Dental Implants provide additional support where teeth are missing without putting forces on the remaining teeth or having to prepare them. They are the state of art in modern dentistry. Implants are small titanium fixtures that are implanted into the bone, taking the natural place of the root. We have a dentist that specialises in this treatment.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns

Teeth Whitening

This is one of the most effective and simple ways to improve your smile. Your dentist will take an impression to send to our laboratory where you will have a very precise tray(s) made to fit your mouth. Your teeth are whitened by them being covered in a whitening gel for 1-2 hours. These trays are specially designed to keep the whitening gel against your teeth.

Tooth whitening will permanently change the colour of your teeth, but if your diet contains food and drink that stain your teeth, or if you are a smoker, you may feel the need to whiten your teeth every 1-2 months.  You can purchase the whitening gel at Mearns Dental Practices.

We will also give you instructions on caring for your whitening tray(s) and how to use whichever bleaching gel we recommend for your needs.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns

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