Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns

At Mearns Dental Practices our ethos focuses on preventative dentistry, which means that many dental problems can be caught early before they present. Regular check-ups and continuing care from our hygienist, is the anchor of a successful Personal Dental Care Programme.

We will provide you with an estimate of cost and discuss all options available to you. Our General Dentistry Treatments include:

Scale and polish

Your teeth are professionally cleaned by the hygienist. It involves carefully removing the deposits of plaque and tartar that build up on the teeth that cannot be removed by just using a toothbrush. Plaque and tartar can also contribute towards tooth decay and gum disease.

The dental hygienist uses specialised instruments to gently remove these plaque/tartar deposits without harming the teeth. An ultrasonic instrument may be used which uses vibrations while spraying a cooling mist of water for larger pieces of tartar, or a fine hand tool to remove smaller deposits. The hygienist will then polish your teeth with a soft rubber cup and gritty toothpaste to shine and smooth your teeth.

If required, your dentist or hygienist may recommend that you be seen every 3 months to maintain good oral health.

Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns

Fillings – We offer a range of different materials

Amalgam fillings - (also known as “silver fillings”) contain elemental mercury. These fillings are the least expensive but may require your dentist taking away more of the tooth for retentive measures to keep the amalgam filling in place.

Composite Fillings - This material is tooth-coloured. It can also be used for cosmetic improvements of the smile. Composite fillings bond to the tooth which helps to prevent breakage and insulates the tooth from excessive temperature changes. As it is bonded to the tooth, less healthy tooth needs to be removed.

Glass Ionomer fillings - These types of fillings form a chemical link with the tooth. They also release fluoride, which helps to prevent further tooth decay. This type of filling is fairly weak and is usually used as a temporary measure on baby teeth or the non-biting surface of a tooth. This material bonds directly to the tooth so little preparation is required. They can either be tooth-coloured or silver-coloured.

Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment tackles infection at the centre of a tooth. The object of root filling is to remove the inflamed or dead nerve from a tooth and replace it with a sterile, non-irritant, insoluble root canal filling that seals off the entire root canal and thereby prevents any reoccurrence of infection.

On occasion, if root canal treatment has not been enough to remove the infection effectively (this could be due to the root canal being thin, branched or tortuous) and there is a persistent or chronic infection (abscess) we may offer an apicectomy. A small surgical intervention is required to remove the end of the root (apex) and replace with a retrograde root filling.

Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns


An extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone if the tooth has been damaged too much by decay or for other reasons. Your dentist will try to fix it, but sometimes there’s too much damage for the tooth to be restored.

Surgical extraction – These extractions involve the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed. The tooth may have broken under the gum line, not erupted fully or have a decreased volume of tooth tissue caused by decay. The procedure involves a small incision in the gum to access the tooth. On removal, the area will then be closed with some small stitches to allow it to heal. We do offer sedation for our more nervous patients.

Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns


A well used and traditional means of restoring the spaces resulting from tooth loss. Dentures can be partial, if only a few teeth are missing; or full, if all teeth in an arch are missing. We also offer immediate dentures if tooth extractions are required at the time of fitting the denture (however, immediate dentures are only useful for a short time and relines will be required to ensure that they continue to fit well).

Dentures are relatively quick to produce and we offer a range of different materials.

Full or Partial Acrylic – This material generally uses suction to keep the denture in place. While these dentures function well and look good, they can take time to get used to, and upper dentures require some palatal coverage, which may alter taste sensations.

Partial Chrome – These dentures are very precisely fitting and their construction uses clasps and rests which help anchor them to the remaining teeth allowing more stability and function. Aesthetic (acrylate) clasps can also be used towards the front of the mouth instead of metal. Chrome dentures are finer with less requirement for palatal coverage.

Partial Valplast – This is a flexible plastic material which fits neatly into your mouth without the need for clasps. The colour blends in with the shade of your gum making it appear more natural.

The teeth on your denture are made from acrylic and our technicians can incorporate characteristics in the teeth to match what you are used to.

In the denture making process, impressions are taken and special trays are made allowing another very accurate impression to be taken. The dimensions of the jaw and your bite will also be recorded. At your next visit a wax try in will be made for your approval and assuming you are completely happy the dentures will be sent back to our technician to be completed. Any final checks on the fit of the denture can be made at the final appointment.

Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns

Children's Dentistry

Barring unforeseen circumstances such as tooth injury, discolouration of teeth etc a child should be seen for his/her first visit around the age of 6 months. At this visit, we will try to make the experience “fun” for the child, familiarising them with the practice, chair and other equipment. If the child feels relaxed and happy with the practice environment future visits will be easier.

We will examine your child’s teeth and discuss the best way of keeping his or her teeth healthy. Our dental hygienist may fissure seal (protective coat) teeth we feel would benefit from this treatment. We will discuss and teach good oral hygiene routines compliant with Childsmile recommendations.

Children should also be seen by their dentist for a check-up every six months. Your dentist will determine if there are any special circumstances that might require more frequent visits.

Dental Treatments in Newton Mearns


Your discomfort is our immediate concern. In the case of an emergency call immediately and we shall arrange for you to be seen as soon as possible usually the same day. We operate an out of hours emergency service for urgent cases run through Glasgow Dental Hospital by Glasgow dentists. This out of hours emergency number can be obtained from our answering machine.

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